Clan rules



Note: Please read this careful and respect it. ( scroll down )

First: The Most Important Rule: Be Loyal. Loyalty means that you stay with us once you have decided to join EwH. Loyalty also means that you respect the leaders of the clan (King, Leader, Co-Leader, Queen) and their decisions. When you are EwH, you are part of a family, so do not be an outsider. You better think very hard, and you better be very sure, before you make the mistake to leave EwH. We will not simply let you rejoin when you quit for no good reason. Loyalty will be rewarded. Enjoy your stay with us. We appreciate every loyal member.

Next: We under no circumstances attack other clans, or members of our own clan out of “anger”, or because someone outside EwH asked you too. The only way someone should EVER do this, is with permission from one of the leaders of the clan (King, Leader, Co-Leader, Queen). Breaking this rule is bad for your reputation, and the reputation of the clan itself.


Next: In fighting, we are honorable. We don’t interfere with 1 on 1 fights, and we don’t run away from them. It’s fight until you win, or until you die. There is no shame in losing. When fighting in a raid, don’t give up, and don’t give in.

Next: Do not double clan. When you are in EwH you are in EwH only and not in another clan as well. Using another name, another account, to be in another clan as well counts as breaking the rule. We consider “team”, “group”, “guild”, or whatever you call  it, to be the same as a clan. You do not become a member of something else in the game besides EwH.

Next: Our official clan language is English. Because we are a clan with members from all over the world we speak English in our base so that every EwH member can understand it.



Raid Rule. No trash talking.
Do not trash talk, do not insult the opponent. Typing also takes time you could use for fighting, so try not to waste your time on responding to people who only want to insult you.Do not lower yourself to their level.                               

Next. Team work.
Work together, stay together, help each other, save each other. We fight along side each other.

Next. Do not run.
Do not run away like a coward to heal, especially not when only one opponent is attacking you. Do not be afraid to get killed, but do not let yourself be killed too easily either by multiple opponents. You are allowed to run to the next opponent to fight, and you can run to go help a friend. That is not the same as running like a coward. You know when you are being a coward and when not. Pay no attention to people calling you a runner when you are not being a coward. Be brave.

Next. Do not fight alone.
Do not run away from your clan members to go after a single enemy or to fight them all on your own. It may be tempting but it will be used against you by the enemy. Often the enemy who is running will lure you away from your clan mates who need your help, and he will lead you to his own friends so they can then team up on you and kill you easily.

Next: No PVP in a raid.
Do not agree to an invite to do a 1 vs 1 fight (at the pillars or wherever) when a raid is going on. Even when the person asking you seems nice and wants to play fair, others may not be so fair and attack you while you do the 1 vs 1 anyway. But most important, while you do the nice 1 vs 1 you have left the raid actually and are not helping your team mates win the battle. In a raid it is not about personal duels but about the battle, which involves your whole clan, so not only you.

Next: Rejoin your group.
Keep looking around you. It is not running to heal when you run to go help a friend in need. Keep rejoining your group. There is more strength in numbers. When you find yourself fighting alone or getting too far from the other clan members, you stop fighting where you are and rejoin the group. Do not care if the enemy calls that running, you are not being a coward, you are just being smart and a good team player when you keep rejoining the group and stay with them.

Next: B2B = Back to base, that means: leave now.
Back to base means leave immediately for base. The leader may stick around to make sure everybody has left, but you do not stick around to wait for the leader to leave. When you stick around it means the leader can not leave and you put yourself and your leader in danger by staying when it is just you both still there. So LEAVE when you have been told B2B, BACK TO BASE. Do not stay to finish the fight you are in, just go.



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