FIGHTING GUIDE BY -(ASHLEY)-

Note: Read this careful (Scroll Down fore more)

In order to master a style that will make you a good fighter, you must first know how to do certain things in fights. Here we’ll go over these. 

Before I start, I need to mention that the equipment you use does affect PvP. Here’s some information for you:

1) The Ring of Unnatural Health (or any health ring) will SLOW down your healing. Don’t use one! The reason is because of the added health that affects PvP. Now, when you use a health ring, you’ll take less damage. This damage decrease is so small, though, that you’ll be better off not using it at all.

2) If you use no weapons, you’ll do 50% less damage, so use weapons! 

In order to become a great fighter, the most important thing you could possibly know is how to time. Timing simply means starting your attacks so that when they land, they will not be blocked and will hit the opponent. If you’re good at timing, the enemy should have a hard time blocking you no matter how hard they try.

To begin, I’ll explain the delay situation. If you ever went on Sherwood with a clone account and if you have windows 7 and put a sherwood on each side of the screen – and then attacked, you’ll notice the clone will not move at the EXACT same time as you, but with a slight delay. There’s a delay between two fighters in Sherwood,  which is why it’s important to remember the following:

When attacking, you’ll want to hit the opponent when his/her block is down (when he/she is open). You’ll probably notice, though, that (unless they are attacking at the same time) when you appear to HIT them (when it makes the sound and shows the affect as if they were hit) they’ll take no damage. In reality, they have blocked your hit even though it looked like you hit. Delay.

Basically, when you attack, you’ll want to attack when you see their block going DOWN (do NOT wait until it’s fully down). What you need to master is – when to start each power move in order to hit the enemy with them.

To start off, never use CTRL+A or CTRL+SPACE. Use CTRL+C at a minimum. Also remember that this will depend on their blocking style. At the beginning of the fight,  be sure to figure out their style so that you know how to time them.

If the enemy is full blocking, you should start most of your power moves when the block is between “halfway up” and “at the top”. With CTRL+X and CTRL+V, you’ll want to start a bit earlier than if you’re using CTRL+Z or especially CTRL+C.

If the enemy is quick blocking, you’ll want to start your power moves as the enemy starts their quick block (especially with CTRL+V, CTRL+X) – so basically start a lot earlier than if they are full blocking.

If they are half blocking, I wouldn’t use a power move unless they are repeatedly half blocking. In such a case (as half blocking may be their only blocking style), start your power move before they even start their block and hope it lands. Try to predict, and hope you get lucky. If you are attacking them and notice your power moves are just doing no damage even if it seems to you that you are timing right, just try timing a bit differently. Start your attacks earlier or later, and see if they take damage. If they do, repeat that pattern unless you know they changed their blocking style.

Okay, now that you understand the power moves, here’s some important timing tips:

When you time, you want to try to throw the enemy off. When you time, your goal is to time their block with a power move, but make sure to take full advantage of regular attacks. A good style to throw the enemy off is – throw in a few regular attacks. (With good timing). Hopefully, the enemy will try to block your regular attacks. Once they block, you can time that block with a power move. Also, after using a power move, try some more regular attacks.

Note: If the enemy is using the pausing/standing still technique, they’ll be harder to time (read my Standing Still/Pausing section below for more info on this). Timing works best if you can hit them when they are UNABLE to block (aka-when their block is going down). Remember also, though, that it takes both TIME for the block to go up and human reflex. If the enemy is standing still or pausing, and you throw a regular attack at them before the power move, they’ll probably predict that you’ll use a power move and block you.

Tip to remember: When the enemy is pausing/standing still, don’t use a regular attack. Stand still yourself and suddenly use a power move with no regular attacks involved. They’ll hopefully not be expecting it and won’t have the reflex to block it. 

There are 3 types of blocks. The full block, the quick block, and the half block. In order to be good in a fight, you’ll want to use all 3 of these blocking styles. If you only use the same blocking style, you’ll be easy to figure out and time.  

Full Block: a full block is simply when you hold down the CTRL+SHIFT keys. 

Quick Block: a quick block is when you press CTRL+SHIFT to bring your block up but then let go of it. Right when your block drops down, you press CTRL+Shift again (right when your feet come together) to bring it up again and repeat the pattern. With the quick block, you block slightly faster than if you full block. 

Half Block: A half block is when you begin an attack with CTRL and then interrupt it halfway through with a block.  Be careful when using it. For 1, it cuts your healing down because you are attacking in it. For 2, whether the person is good at timing or not, it may be easy for them to get a lucky hit through your half blocking. A benefit of half blocking is ghost hitting, which we’ll go over.

Charging: If you block attacks, you build up a charge. Only if you block attacks, not if you block air. Each time you block, you’ll do more damage. Use power moves to get a huge hit from a charge (don’t use regular attacks. They do less damage).

When you block, do not block aggressively. Aggressive blocking is constantly blocking to try to block everything. It’s a big mistake. Instead, take it easy. Pause, block, pause, quick block, throw in a half block (with a ghost hit), back to quick blocking. Do what you must to block hits, but don’t overdo it. If you can’t block a hit, don’t try. Instead, hit them while they attack you. It’s better to do damage and take damage than to just take damage and do none.

The important thing to remember now though is that blocking should HELP your enemy hit you. Why? Because they can time. If you remember from our timing lessons above, you’ll time when they block. If you block, they know how to hit you. Point? Limit your blocking. Stop blocking the air because you’re asking for trouble. Offense is better than defense!

Talismans are very important when it comes to fighting. You have 2 choices – magic (elemental) talisman or speed talisman. The elemental talismans (fire, ice, poison, and darkness) all do the same damage and differ only visually. The speed talisman will increase your fighting speed for a long time. I recommend you use an elemental talisman and not the speed talisman as it hits through the enemy block and can do high damage. A speed talisman can be good if you can time with the extra speed well, but it’s still recommended to use the regular talismans. 

Quick Talisman: It’s important to be able to do a quick talisman. While blocking, halfway through the block, press tab to use the talisman and keep holding block down.

Don’t always use the same talisman style. If you want to throw your enemies off, vary it. Sometimes use a quick talisman (and that’s also useful for saving yourself with a block – throw in a talisman before hand). Sometimes let your arm go all of the way  up and use that to your blocking advantage.

Sometimes use a double talisman – press tab and after the quick talisman quickly press tab again with good timing to do a double talisman. With some delay, it may appear to the enemy that you’re doing a triple talisman as well – this is useful for throwing people off. 

Standing Still (Pausing)
Something many people don’t do (whether they are afraid to or just don’t want to) is pause/stand still at times. There’s many benefits of doing so and I recommend it. Here’s why:

1) There’s 4 things you can do in a fight. Attack, Block, stand still, or use talisman. If you are blocking, they will know how to hit you because they can time. If you are attacking, you don’t heal, you may hit their blocks if you don’t time right, etc. If you use a talisman you are open and there’s a cooldown on it. If you stand still, you’ll heal and because they don’t know if you’ll attack or block and don’t know when, it makes you harder to time.

2) Timing. If you stand still, you can choose to attack at any time. Attack when you can hit with a good timed hit. This is easier to do this way.

3) Blocking – like I said above, standing still is a great way to block attacks. If you are blocking, your block has to go down and your enemy will know when that will happen. You’ll get hit. If you are standing still, you can block any time. They don’t know when.

When you stand still, don’t do it when you’re getting attacked. Don’t sit there and let them attack you! Instead, do it when they are blocking or when they are “recovering” from an attack you could say. If you do it while they are blocking, you can time their blocks easily.

With normal hits, if any players remember the old Doubles/Triples – attack with ctrl and right as your feet come together press CTRL again, let go, wait for feet to come together and press it again. This timed fighting is great for throwing your enemy off, but don’t always hit CTRL right away. If they’ll block it, pause for a second and do it again. This is how you should time before using a power move.

If the enemy likes to use regular attacks a lot, standing still may get you hurt. In that case, just take advantage of their overdone offense and get some nice charges on them by blocking.


A huge mistake made by many fighters is their predictability. If your opponent can predict your moves and what you do, you’ll be dead quite fast. Here’s some mistakes players make. Don’t do these, please.

1) They will use a talisman+power move right after EVERY time. This is great to do occasionally, but please don’t do it every time. If you do, the enemy will know to block every time you use a talisman. Instead, mix it up. Use the talisman AFTER the power move.Note: If you can use your talisman in a way that when you hit right after, it will be perfectly timed, then feel free to do this repeatedly because you’ll probably get a better hit in. However, you might not want to use CTRL+X because a quick half block can easily allow them to block your CTRL+X if they see it coming.

2) They ALWAYS throw in exactly 2 hits or 1 hit before using a power move. It can work if you’re always dumb enough to fall for it (and attempt to block it) and then get timed by a power move. If not, you’ll catch on and realize they’ll use a power move and learn how to block it. Mix up the number of attacks you use.

3) They always use the same blocking style. Don’t do this or they’ll know how to time you!You don’t want to be predictable. Mix up your power move/hits/talisman order. Mix up the number of attacks you make between actions. Mix up your block. Mix up your style. Use a little of everything.

Other things to know

Ghost hitting: to ghost hit-when you attack, let your attack almost hit them (regular attack, not a power move) and interrupt it with a block. You’ll hit them and do damage although you technically didn’t hit them on your side. (You did on their side). 

Counter PM: Countering a PM is especially useful if you have a lot more hp than the enemy does. All it is is using a PM at the same time as the enemy. It’s a guaranteed hit for both if used at the right time (and this is also how you can tell if they dodge or if there’s lag).  If you notice the person loves to counter PM you only, then start holding off your power moves and start counter Pming them back. (Or, use CTRL+C [a quick power move] and then quickly block to block their counter). Note: if you can predict when the enemy will use a power move and then use it right directly before the enemy uses their power move, you’ll block their charge and take normal damage – and you’ll crit. Try to get good at predicting. 

Finishing Combo: Finishing combos are useful really at 2 specific times – at the very start of a fight (be sure to time it right) and at the very end of a fight. You can also use them at any time in the fight ‘effectively’ as long as you be sure to time correctly and hit with all 3 hits, but be careful of overuse of this or you’ll become predictable. Finishing combo — Hit with a normal hit, quick talisman directly after, and finish with a power move. You can also switch the order of these and that’s recommended. 

Lag – How to recognize it, How to win against those who lag, and info about it
Ever fight and notice that the enemy’s HP just isn’t going down right? You are timing perfectly but aren’t doing any damage? They are probably lagging. As you know from our discussion earlier, there’s a delay between two fighters.

This we’ll refer to as “server delay” as it’s unfixable and happens with every fighter. Since all players are on the server, they will have a near equal delay factor. There is one thing that can affect this, though, and that’s lag. The lag I refer to is directly related to your internet connection and not your FPS. Your FPS (Frames Per Second) shows how well the game is running as far as quality/smoothness. It does not affect delay in any way.

What causes lag?

Poor internet connection. Downloads, music, watching videos, etc. If your internet isn’t the best, these may lag your internet (and may not).

How do I know if I’m lagging?

Type a message and send it in chat. When you press enter after typing, your message will disappear and immediately appear in the chat console where everyone can see it. If yours takes a few seconds to appear, you’re lagging.

How do I know if the enemy I am fighting is lagging?

Remember that all damage the enemy receives is taken on their side. If you hit on your side and they don’t receive on their side, you’ll be doing no damage. Likewise to them hitting you. If the enemy is lagging, the delay will be messed up and what they see will be different from what you see because every time they attack, you’ll see it a lot later than normal.

Here’s signs that someone is lagging:

1) Hit them with a talisman – guaranteed hit. See how long it takes for their HP to go down. If it goes down within a good second or so, they aren’t lagging. If it takes a while and then their HP goes down when you’re doing nothing to them, they are lagging.

2) Timing them perfectly, no damage? Don’t base your judgement on this, though.

3) Notice their HP randomly fluctuates without you doing anything? it becomes jumpy? They are lagging.

4) If you see someone cancel a power move (aka get halfway through it and then draw back from it without hitting) they are lagging. This is not a possible action.

5)If they start using the same attack over and over and take no damage, they probably froze. Major lag.

How to win against someone who lags?

As you know, regular timing won’t cut it.

Try to figure out their delay. Hit them at random times and see when they take damage. If you can repeat the hits  at that point in their block, you can fight them like normal.

The way I fight those who lag (which is very effective to me) is I don’t worry about timing at all. I simply go huge on offense and block when they attack, and be SURE to Ghost hit. It’s very important to ghost hit. Basically throw a bunch of finishing combos at them without worrying about timing. Remember that when they lag, it’s affecting them the same way it’s affecting you – they won’t be able to time either, so they should be easy to block for you. 

Other Unfair Advantages -Dodging
Dodging: You’ve probably heard lots of talk about dodging already. I’ll explain to you the details of dodging-Dodging is basically a defect in the animation/hit and do damage ratio. When you fight another player and attack them, you’ll notice they don’t take damage right when you press CTRL. If it worked that way, blocking would be useless. Instead, they take damage during that direct point of time where the animation “touches” the other player -(hits them)-. Dodging happens when the game quality becomes choppy. When the game is choppy, (low FPS) some frames are skipped.

Remember that FPS is Frames per Second. Each frame is a specific moment of time in the game. During one frame (or a specific point of time within the frames), the enemy will take damage (when hit). If the choppiness causes the game to skip over that one point of time where the damage would have been dealt, there is a dodge.

To better understand this, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and then Cancel while on Sherwood. You’ll be in Software mode with an fps of about 1-3 probably. When you hold CTRL, you’ll notice you don’t see a whole lot of the animation. It skips extensively – one moment your arm is at a certain point then the next time it’s way farther off, not a smooth transition. If you fight someone in this mode, you’ll notice their HP is dropping even though you barely see anything and you barely get hit at all because with that skipping, the enemy rarely ever touches you with the weapon – it always skips over that part where the damage is taken. You’ll dodge a lot.

Note: Talismans cannot be dodged. Now to recognize this, fight them. If you know you are timing good and doing no damage AND your talisman hits and does damage right away (verifying that it isn’t lag) you can assume they dodge. To be sure of yourself, though, counter PM them. If you attack them with a PM as they are attacking you with a PM and they don’t take any damage (and this isn’t just a 1 time thing), you can reasonably be sure they are dodging. Another note – sometimes there is a thing called Packet Loss in the game. This also will cause dodging, but it’s very rare. Occasionally it may appear that your hit did no damage or even your talisman did no damage. This is due to packet loss and doesn’t happen very often. This is not the players’ fault but the game’s fault, so don’t get too mad at them.

The Style
Great, you know everything you need to know now. Now lets integrate it into a style. I’ll tell you MY style. Take what you want from it, but it’s a style that works quite well. 

My Style
When you start a fight, your main focus should be to do a lot of damage. Both you and the enemy will have a lot of HP.


Once you get to about half HP, if you did your job right, they should have lower hp as well. If you can get their HP to half while you still have a lot, they’ll be forced to start blocking, which allows you to time their blocks and win even easier. If you get down to half HP, start blocking but once again block without being aggressive and block to build a charge. If both players have 50% HP, pull the switching affect on them. Don’t let them hit you, let your HP go up while hitting them and causing theirs to go down. You now have a huge HP advantage.

If they have low hp, a nicely timed PM should drop them to really low hp (where you can then time).Should your HP get really low, still use PMs IF and ONLY if you have enough HP to survive at least another 2 hits (keeping talisman in mind) and if they don’t have a huge charge. At this point, block their hits and nail them with charged PMs.

NOTE: When the enemy has high hp, countering their Power moves may be quite useful if you want to do lots of damage and if your defense is good enough to save yourself if your HP gets low.

ANOTHER NOTE: I don’t always follow this above style as I lay out it out to be – it’s important to randomize your style a bit and change it up so that you aren’t too predictable.  Read some of the below styles – they will explain some other techniques you may want to use.

Defensive Style/Crit Style
A defensive style involves blocking a lot. This style is more for beginners who are just learning. Your main goal will be to charge by blocking enemy hits. You’ll probably, regardless of how much HP you have, try to block a few hits and then use a power move to perform a huge crit. The defect of this style is that if your enemy can time well, they will learn how to time through your defense easily. You should use all 3 blocking types and use them well. 

Offensive Style
An offensive style will allow you to kill your enemies fast. This is a more advanced style and you should be great at timing and blocking when necessary before using it. Basically, you just throw one attack after another at the enemy. Be careful, do not let them block your hits. You must time them and be sure to throw lots of ghost hits at them. When being flooded with attacks, your enemy will be more defensive to prevent death – you can time this defense to kill them even faster (but be sure to recognize the block they are using)-Remember that you do need to block in this style. Try to predict their next move and block when necessary. When not necessary, bring on the offense. 

Training Tips
If you want to get better, the best way is to just keep practicing. Here’s some things you can do to help:

1. Fight monsters. Fight spiders to test your defensive skills. You’ll need to use all 3 blocking types to successfully block every single spider hit. If you can continuously block a spider without taking any damage, your defense is perfected. Also practice blocking monsters which attack at a slightly faster pace. Be careful, though, don’t try timing them blocking monsters like you do in PvP.. you’ll die!

2. Have someone constantly block using either a specific blocking style or all 3 (trying their best to block you) and just try to time them. This is a typical training session method. If you want me to help you with it, just let me know in game.

3. Have someone attack you and you try blocking them. Practicing defense.

4. Fight, fight, fight! Keep fighting other players! You can only learn from mistakes and keep getting better!

And now if you just keep practicing this, you’ll be great in no time! Keep trying and keep having fun, see you all in game!

- published with permission of the author. -(ASHLEY)-

Blocking and attacks

<Holding down <Ctrl> and <Shift> at the same time will allow you to block attacks from monsters or other players. If you block an attack successfully, your next attack will do double damage. Block two attacks in a row and your next attack will do triple damage. Good timing is required to block effectively so practice this move.

Moving and attacks

<Use the <Arrow Keys> to move your character around the world. Hold down the control key <CTRL> to Attack with your weapon. You'll continue to attack for as long as the <CTRL> key is pressed.>

Ring and amulets

1) Ring of Healing 100% improved healing time.

2) Stone of Darkness,

3) Talisman of Fire,

4) Amulet of posion,

5) Talsiman of Ice,

6) Speed Talisman (Amulet).



1) Notched Shild,

2) Buckler,

3) Shield of Defense.

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